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  Thank you for visiting the personal and professional website of R. Michael Johnson. This site was developed because, quite frankly, sometimes a resume and cover letter just isn't enough. Yet, sending everything to a prospective employer or business client is way too much (especially when one is talking about a successful professional management and entrepreneurial career spanning more than three decades).
  Plus, there are just some things that don't belong on a resume - but all of us have wanted to ask an applicant before wasting our time, energy and money interviewing and/or hiring them.
  Within this website, you will be able to get a relatively comprehensive look at me, my professional accomplishments and my proven abilities. Also, you will get a pretty good peek at my personality and philosophies on business, politics and the world, in general.
  I hope this site proves insightful, as well as beneficial for you in considering utilizing my services in your quest for excellence.
  Enjoy your stay.


'Difficulty is the excuse history never accepts' - Edward R. Murrow


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